About the Symposium

   Nanotechnology is an emerging scientific field that utilizes the novel properties of nanomaterials to develop products and enhance processes to make them more efficient and sustainable. Important to Alberta’s economy, nanotechnology has found applications in energy, the environment, health, medical technologies, agriculture and forestry. By improving the sustainability of industries while developing new technologies, more jobs can be generated which in turn will enhance the economy. At the fundamental level, research in nanotechnology will fuel these developments. 

   The Alberta Nano Research Symposium will be co-hosted by the University of Alberta nanoGroup and the University of Calgary nanoGroup. It will be held at Westerner Park in Red Deer, May 3-4, 2018. This year’s theme is “Celebrating Diversity in Nanoscience”. This event will be geared towards sharing knowledge, as well as to promote the development of new collaborations with experts in the field. Researchers from all areas of nanotechnology are encouraged to attend the symposium.  Specifically, innovative synthesis and characterization techniques, as well as fabrication and devices towards applications in biomedicine, energy conversion and storage will be explored. Undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty members across Alberta will be invited to share their research in nanotechnology through oral and poster presentations. As such, this event will target academics from the University of Alberta, University of Calgary and the Northern Institute of Technology. Researchers from outside the province of Alberta are also highly encouraged to attend.


   The agenda will include keynote speakers, poster and oral presentations, and a networking session. Light refreshments and food will be provided throughout the conference for attendees.

Contact Us

Direct your questions to nanotech@ualberta.ca 

Co-chair: Nicole Jankovic

Co-chair: Faranak Afsar

University of Calgary Organizing Committee:

Faranak Afsar - Co-President

Zahra Abooali Zadeh - Co-President

Prasoon Shandilya - VP Operations

Azin Bahariah - VP Finance

Kimia Mohitian - VP Academic

Samin Habibi - VP Outreach 

Maryam Aghajamali - Postdoctoral representative

Robin Bishop - Member-at-Large

University of Alberta Organizing Committee:

Nicole Jankovic - Co-President

Md Wazedur Rahman - Co-President

Anuja Tripathi - VP Finance

Ikra Iftekhar Shuvo - VP Networking & Entrepreneurship

Ehsan Taghdisi - VP Technology Commercialization

Mahyar Ghavami Khabir - VP Academic

Saralyn Riddel - VP Outreach

I Teng Cheong - Member-at-Large

Michael Facchini-Rakovich - Member-at-Large

Mubshra Arshad - Member-at-Large